Compact 19ft 3 Passengers
Compact Plus 21ft 4 Passengers
Standard 25ft 5 Passengers
Large 30ft 7 Passengers

Ocean Breeze RV is now an authorized dealer for Cruise America. We rent out 19′, 21′, 25′ or 30′ foot class C motorhomes.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your family and go on trips to your favorite destinations without ever leaving the comfort of home? You can with Class C Motorhomes from Cruise America RV Rentals and Sales.

How great would it be to take this dream vacation and not ever have to worry about airline tickets, schedules, restaurants, or locating vacant hotel rooms near the attraction you are heading to? By renting or purchasing one of the class C motorhomes made available by Cruise America, this is now possible!

At Cruise America, we know that there are different sizes of traveling groups. That’s why we offer a variety of sizes of our top-of-the-line motorhomes. Depending on how many you need to sleep, we have the model that will best suit your needs. Oh, and don’t worry about room; the cargo space in our motorhomes is surprisingly abundant.

Why Rent an RV From Ocean Breeze?

Renting allows you to try various types of RVs and learn from actual experience which one best suits your particular needs. It’s like taking an extended “test drive” with your family and belongings. Many people rent RVs simply for the fun, freedom and flexibility of taking RV trips to a special event or destination:
US National Parks • Music Festivals • Sporting Events • NASCAR Races • State Fairs • Historical Sites • Special Events

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on vacation. Renting an RV makes economic sense. You are able to travel while spending less and having total flexibility. Plus, Something happens when families spend time together. Bonds are built, secrets are shared, and memories are formed that last a lifetime.

An RV is indeed a home on wheels. First of all, forget about repeated unpacking, just load and go! Secondly, each RV on our rental fleet is equipped with a bathroom that includes a toilet, sink and shower (with hot water), and a kitchen equipped with a sink, stove, fridge and even a microwave oven. Just imagine how much cozier and cheaper it is to travel and to have the ability to cook for yourself.

Vacationing in a recreational vehicle allows you to experience a lot more freedom that many other types of vacations do not. Free to drive almost any route on the map, the ability to stop off at secluded campsites and at every single point of interest that intrigues the eye.

Whether your looking for a weekend get away or a trip of a lifetime….. Ocean Breeze can make your dreams come true. Give us a call or stop by and see us.