Why Consign Your RV With Us?

Why Our Consignment Works…
Location – Per NH DOT over 16,434 cars a day see our inventory!
Selection – Our huge inventory draws traffic from all areas.
Viewing Avalibility – Ocean Breeze RV is open 7 days a week, ready to show your RV and make a deal!
Extended Warranty – We can offer an extended warranty to make the deal happen.
Sales Ability – Ocean Breeze RV trained and courteous sales staff make deals happen!
We follow up with customers when your RV arrives on our lot. – Ocean Breeze RV keeps a follow up list of all customers and what they are looking to buy , so we can notify them , when your RV gets here!
Ocean Breeze RV advertises your RV for you. – Multi-facet advertising means your RV gets maximum exposure to the market!

Compared To Other Consignment Dealers…
We only make money when we sell your RV.
Ocean Breeze RV offers an on-site repair shop.
Parts & Accessories Store with over 14,000 available parts and accessories at our fingertips
Owner/Family Operated – We care because our name and livelihood is on the line.
Ocean  Breeze  RV is not just a web site! ** We are a multi-million dollar sales center!!! **
No Commission – You get your agreed net price.
Ocean Breeze RV does not use your RV as bait to sell their new products. – We concentrate only on consignments so we have no new products to distract the customer from your RV.
Cleaning – We clean the RV for free as part of our complimentary service for listing with us.

Don’t Waste Your Time Selling On Your Own…
** we are open 7 days a week **
Tire Kickers – You no longer have to deal with the people who just want to look.
No-Shows – Don’t waste your time waiting on buyers who no-show for appointments.
Don’t drive to show your RV. – Don’t waste your time and gas.
We do all the title work for you. – Ocean Breeze RV is licensed and bonded and has all of the knowledge to do title work correctly.
Ocean Breeze RV takes the responsibilty of the sale process. – The customer will come back to us and not you with any issues or concerns.